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He’s making a sports car out of wood for his daughter




Vietnamese dad builds the Audi Skysphere concept car out of wood

Wood Audi Skysphere

A Vietnamese dad has built the Audi Skysphere concept out of wood. 

Dao Truong Van built the wooden two-door roadster as a gift for his young daughter. 

And he did it all in just 75 days.

wood Audi Skysphere
Audi Skysphere rear


10 Sec


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Speaking to, Mr Dao said his daughter “loved a neighbor’s Audi toy car so much that I couldn’t help but start building an Audi for her”. 

In the video Mr Dao shared to his YouTube channel, he shows the build process from start to finish. 

First, he makes a rough body using timber and perfects the shape with a chainsaw.


Then he adds the wheels, the doors, and the seats.

Mr Dao even manages to replicate digital design features seen on the concept car including the grille which shines with dozens of LED lights.

He also created a faithful replica of the Audi’s dashboard and center console.

Wooden Audi skysphere grille
ND-Woodworking / YouTube
Wood Audi Skysphere
ND-Woodworking / YouTube

Out of all the many intricate details, Mr Dao said building the hood was the most difficult. 

“I had to test it many times and it took me two weeks to get it to open and close properly,” he said.

As it turns out, all that hard work paid off because check out this hood.

It opens at the press of a button to reveal a secret compartment underneath.

audi with hood closed
ND-Woodworking / YouTube
Audi secret compartment
ND-Woodworking / YouTube
Audi Skysphere

Why the Skysphere?

When deciding which Audi to build for his daughter, Mr Dao said it had to be the Skysphere. 

“I accidentally saw a video of the Audi Skysphere car on the Supercar Blondie fanpage and I was really impressed,” he said. 

“It must be said that it is absolutely beautiful at first sight. 

“I have cherished the thought of building a car like that when I have time.” 

The wood Audi Skysphere cost $12,000 to build but Mr Dao has no plans to sell it anytime soon. 

“I work for my daughter and I don’t want to sell the car until my daughter has a new car,” he said.

Dad of the year right here.

Wooden Skysphere
ND-Woodworking / YouTube
Audi Skysphere steering wheel

About the Audi Skysphere concept car

The Skysphere is the first in a family of concept cars from the German marque.

It was first unveiled at the Pebble Beach golf course in August 2021, where it was touted as the future of Audi.

One of its coolest features is undoubtedly its variable wheelbase which makes it possible to extend the length of the car by 250 millimeters. 

This means the driver can choose to drive it in sports mode at 4.94 meters long, or be chauffeured around in the autonomous Grand Touring mode which extends the car out to 5.19 meters in length.

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